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A modern and private treatment space for today's women 04/02/2014 OPEN


KISHI CLINICA FEMINA offers the latest medical care for the women of today.
Patients are assured complete privacy and appointment flexibility to allow supportive and careful communication. Our philosophy encourages not only the most accurate diagnosis and treatment options, but also a continued focus on life-time patient mental and physical wellness.

KISHI CLINICA FEMINA physicians are affiliated with the top medical centers in Japan, so if need arise swift referral under our supervision can be assured.

Our thorough and patient consultation followed by swift and effective treatment is perfect for those who are looking for a fresh new way to maintain their health in today's busy world.

We offer:

  • Complete appointment flexibility
  • Careful individual attention to each patient's needs
  • Relaxing and private medical environment
  • Coordinated referral system
  • Aromatherapy relaxation
  • Anti-aging